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Situated in one of the top notch hotels in Hong Kong, TIGER BEING’s “club room” is where you find refuge and enlightenment. Celebrate your holiday with the captivating skyline of Victoria Harbour, immerse yourself in the elegant comfort with luxury amenities.



Capturing the essence of local cultural scenes! Explore events hosted for members, from art events, music performances, theatre premiers to craft workshops, designed to edify your hungry soul.



Delectable feast curated by professional private Chefs, bringing the freshest seasonal ingredients from around the world to our private kitchen!



By establishing a permanent decentralized club venue in the metaverse, TIGER BEING aims to become the leading Web 3.0 private member club.

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Created for people who love traveling and life-enriching experiences, TIGER BEING is the first decentralized membership club in Asia powered by the blockchain and NFT technology!

A collection of 4,096 TIGER BEING NFTs is the unique digital collectibles tokenized on the Solana blockchain, serving as the pass or ticket for holders to participate in a series of exclusive member experiences, connecting the virtual world and the reality. 

To know more about our project, please check out our ROADMAP and TOKENOMICS.


Once you are the holder of TIGER BEING NFT, you can enjoy benefits that increase in value as you ascend the tiers by holding a greater number of NFTs.


Once you are the holder of TIGER BEING NFT, you can enjoy benefits that increase in value as you ascend the tiers by holding a greater number of NFTs.

TIGER BEING membership is divided into three tiers: Traveller, Voyager, and Globetrotter, each with increasing benefits and advantages.




The first tier of membership. You can enjoy benefits from experience and activity reservation, airdrop opportunities, participate-to-earn, and community voting (single vote).




The second tier of membership. You can enjoy benefits from advance experience reservation (12 hrs), activity discount (medium), airdrop opportunities, participate-to-earn, and community voting (double votes).




The third tier of membership. You can enjoy benefits from quarterly holder gift, annual holder free experience, advance experience reservation (24 hrs), activity discount (high), airdrop opportunities, participate to earn, and community voting (multiple votes).


Option 1

Complete the membership application form & mint by fiat (HKD)

You don’t have to be a crypto expert or bother with buying crypto! Non-crypto users can now own a Web 3.0 NFT plus membership by filling in the membership application form and pay with credit card or cash(HKD), all in 8 minutes!



Option 2

Join Discord and mint by cryptocurrency

You can join our membership by purchasing TIGER BEING NFTs in our pre-sale or public mint!

In order to secure your chance of minting in pre-sale, you should get whitelisted by joining TIGER BEING Discord server!





TIGER BEING is Asia’s first decentralized private members’ club for those who are 1) adventurous to take the road less travelled and 2) hungry for trying diverse options of life experiences. Our club members are formed by holders of the TIGER BEING NFT and we encourage our members’ active participation in club activities to appreciate the value (pun intended) of their NFT and membership – while discovering other possibilities in life.

The members club operate with full transparency as holders can participate in regulating the supply of membership and voice out opinions to make this club a better place for curious minds.

How is TIGER BEING membership different from traditional members clubs?

TIGER BEING club membership is vastly different from traditional ones; membership supply is limited, and you can have a say in the experience offering and future development of the club.

Also, membership can be transferred easily without borders through NFT marketplaces or private NFT transaction, which makes it a good investment due to its liquidity plus backing by its exclusive privileges.

Certain portion of the transfer proceeds will be used to support the club’s operation and be rewarded to active Holders for their loyalty and participation.

See full comparison here 

What’s the difference between joining the membership via minting by fiat(HKD) and minting by cryptocurrency?

The membership obtained will be the same – tier assignment is based on the number of NFTs that you are holding.

If you are non-crypto-savvy, then minting by fiat is a the premium service for you! Simply spend 8 minutes to complete the membership application form and pay the minting fee with bank transfer or credit card. Voilà! Your membership manager will takes care ALL of these hassles while you just sit back and wait for the NFTs to be delivered to your wallet. There are 2 minting order options available: 5 NFTs (Voyager) or 10 NFTs (Globetrotter). Please note that all the minting orders will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis!


If you have been in crypto world for some time and wish to build the community that WAGMI, then minting by cryptocurrency is for you! Secure your whitelist spots by participating our Discord server actively, load your wallet with SOL and mint on the day of pre-sale/public mint!

How many memberships does TIGER BEING sell?

There are altogether 4,096 TIGER BEING NFTs. This number is meticulously chosen to ensure that we have adequate members to participate in our community and create true value while the uniqueness of the membership will not be devalued, striking a sweet spot between exclusivity and membership supply.

Why should I submit my mint order now?

Pre-sale 1.0 of TIGER BEING was sold out in 2 days and members are already enjoying unparallel experiences offered by TIGER BEING’s early partners!


The pre-sale 2.0 is going to take place in June in batches. During this round, 768 NFTs will be on offer for sale. Starting from HKD800, the pre-sale price will gradually increase. 


The price is also expected to be higher in secondary market as we onboard more and more experience partners.

Can I transfer my TIGER BEING membership?

Yes, members can transfer their membership by re-selling their TIGER BEING NFTs at secondary markets: Artemis (the NFT marketplace backed by Animoca Brands) is our exclusive marketplace for the first 24 hours. Afterwards we will aim to list TIGER BEING in major Solana marketplaces like Magic Eden and Opensea.

Where will you hold physical meet-ups and events before the metaverse clubhouse is ready?

As social distancing measure relaxes further, we will organize holder get-togethers, stay tuned.

I’m not based in Hong Kong, what’s in it for me?

Before the pandemic, our committee members flew to APAC and Europe from time to time and built different regional connections which we can partner with to organize various exclusive experiences – imagine going on a sake discovery trip with TIGER BEING in Japan or participating high jewellery workshop in France. 

So, Hong Kong is just the first location of the membership launch. Stick with us to check out more as we expand.